As the talent pool becomes increasingly competitive and the acceptance rates rapidly smaller, more and more applicants turn for help from experienced consultants to help them unlock their competitive advantage. Although it is possible to get into a business school without the use of a consultant, there are numerous benefits to having an experienced admissions consultant on your side — and for a number of different reasons.

Whether you need help acquiring a scholarship, are looking to save on the cost of reapplying, or want to ensure your acceptance into a better school, an expert can help guide you through the admissions process, offer valuable insight, and allow you to maximize every opportunity.

Over the past 20 years, Accepted has helped thousands of applicants get accepted into more than 450 top schools. But we have also seen the struggle, frustration and anxiety of applicants that chose the wrong admissions consultants. Therefore, we created a guide that will help you avoid making the wrong choice by teaching you:

  • What an admissions consultant can help you with — and what they can’t
  • What to look for when researching consultants
  • What qualities you should avoid at all costs

Don’t just select any consultant! Choose the best MBA admissions consultant for YOU and save yourself the money, time, and frustration of going through the admissions process with a partner that isn’t right for you.

Download the guide!