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Navigating the MBA admissions process can seem like a never-ending journey. Once your acceptance comes, the next hurdle to overcome is funding. So, how will you fund your international MBA? Molly Dineen, Senior Relationship Manager at Prodigy Finance, will shares her tips for securing funds as an international student. You'll learn:

  • What rates and fees are involved with getting a loan
  • How to compare the loan options available to you
  • What's involved in the repayment process
  • How Prodigy Finance can help you secure your international funding

...and much more!

Molly Dineen

about the presenter

Molly Dineen, Senior Relationship Manager at Prodigy Finance

Molly has nine years of experience in the higher education sector with a specialization in international education. She is passionate about scaling, growth and shaking things up in higher education. Prior to joining Prodigy Finance, Molly managed University College Dublin’s North America office, worked in the non-profit sector, and for the Australian Embassy. She graduated from the University of Dayton and is driven by measurable human impact in access and equity.

Watch the webinar!