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Have you been invited to a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)? Congratulations! This means you've made it into the exclusive group of applicants invited to interviews.

The MMI consists of a series of short, structured interviews that assess your non-cognitive skills: your communications ability, interpersonal acumen, empathy, and cultural sensitivity.

Don’t spend time worrying and obsessing about how to prepare - join us for this webinar and maximize your chances of acing your multiple mini interview!

During the free, one-hour webinar, Alicia McNease Nimonkar, an MMI-prep pioneer at UC Davis’s postbac program, will teach you:

  1. What a typical MMI format looks like and what to expect
  2. What sorts of questions to expect in the different interview segments
  3. How to use your very limited time effectively
  4. Specific tips for different multiple mini interview question styles

About the Presenter

Did you know? Alicia pioneered MMI prep at UC Davis’s postbac program!
Meet Alicia McNease Nimonkar
Alicia McNease Nimonkar, Admissions Consultant

Alicia McNease Nimonkar is the former Director of the UC Davis School of Medicine (UCDSOM) Postbaccalaureate Program when UCDSOM became the second medical school in the U.S. to begin using the MMI method. So she knows the ins and the outs of the MMI!
Since joining Accepted, Alicia's clients have gained skill and confidence before their big MMI day by prepping with her.
As FD, one of Alicia’s clients, wrote, “The mock interviews (MMI) I conducted with Alicia were incredibly helpful! Her feedback was very thorough and individualized, and this preparation enabled me to go into my interviews with composure and confidence!”

What Applicants Have Said About Previous Webinars

Thank you for the services you provide and the wisdom you so freely share. I have watched many of your recorded webinars as I prepare to apply.

- Neil

First of all, thank you! I thought the webinar was extremely helpful and provided some great pointers.

- Daniel

I find the webinars the best of the resources available to an applicant.

- Andrea

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