Here is the bad news: Many people think that with an otherwise stellar application, less-than-perfect MCAT or GPA scores won't carry too much weight. However, that is not necessarily the case. These scores are often the first elements that admission committees look at, and if they are not in the ballpark, your application might get a quick glance through, if at all.

Having said that, you have a difficult decision to make: Should you hold off for now and work to improve your profile? Should you reconsider the list of schools you are applying to? Or even apply for international schools, DO programs, or other programs that require lower scores? Retake your MCAT? Or are your scores high enough that a well-written essay can explain them away?

This particular report will guide you through this decision-making process as you look closer at your stats and deep in your soul for the next milestones on your path to gaining acceptance to medical school. The report includes invaluable tips and teaches you:

    • The six routes to getting into medical school with a low GPA

    • How to improve your MCAT score

    • When you should and when you should not retake it

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