Do you agree with any of the following statements?

  • Definitive Guide Pre-Medical PostbacYou are concerned that your low stats may prevent your acceptance to med school.
  • You’re worried that your non-science education or non-medical work experience has put you at a disadvantage in the race for acceptance to medical school.
  • You doubt you can achieve your dream of becoming a physician.

If you have any of these concerns and want to apply to medical school, then The Definitive Guide to Pre-Medical Postbaccalaureate Programs is for you. Written by former postbac program director, Alicia McNease Nimonkar, this guide offers her unique insight into how career changers and academic-record enhancers can select and apply to postbaccalaureate and special master’s degree programs, with the ultimate goal of matriculating into med school. 


The Definitive Guide to Pre-Medical Postbaccalaureate Programs provides:

  • An outline of the most effective paths to medical school.
  • Tables with pros and cons for each option.
  • Advice on how to choose the best path for you.
  • Success stories of former postbac students who are now medical students and doctors.
  • Interviews with postbac program directors from across the country that introduce you to the different programs and their distinctive features.
  • Tips on how to study and earn straight A’s in a postbaccalaureate program.
  • comprehensive index with a complete list of programs.

With its tips, successful strategies, program index, and insights, this book will save you time and energy!

Don’t spend hours researching programs that aren’t appropriate for you. Use the index to identify and learn more about the programs that would best meet your needs, and use the successful strategies taught in the Guide to help you apply to programs that will help you reach your full potential.