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WATCH OUR 1-HOUR WEBINAR to maximize your chances of acceptance after rejection

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Learn how to maximize your chances of acceptance AFter rejection

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Watch the WEBINAR & take notes

 implement what you learn

implement what you learn

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gain acceptance to medical school!

LEARN how to reapply to medical school

We've seen hundreds – if not thousands – of medical school applicants just like you strive to get into medical school, stressed at the amount of work involved, and rejected the first or second or even third time around. Given the complexity of the application process and the stakes involved, this webinar can help make this your last time applying to medical school!


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Meet the Presenter:

Linda Abraham is the founder and CEO of Accepted, the top-tier admissions consultancy that helps you unlock your competitive advantage.

For the last 20 years, Linda and her highly credentialed, experienced team have helped thousands of medical school applicants gain acceptance to top MD and DO programs.

She is also the co-founder of AIGAC and the podcast host of Admissions Straight Talk.


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